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Following are the minimum requirements for BSN Nursing Program. Minimum admission standards include:

Traditional pre-nursing students currently enrolled at LC in pre-nursing courses, are required to submit an application letter with their full nursing application packet for the State Board of Nursing and health, etc.  These will be distributed as part of the NU 210 class sessions, and letters of request for admission must be submitted on or before April 1st, 2016.

Traditional LC pre-nursing students are required to earn a minimum 80% score on a HESI A2 Admission Assessment examination.  This is a required part of the application process during the NU 210 Concepts of Nursing course. Traditional pre-nursing applicants who are enrolled at LC in pre-nursing courses can prepare for the HESI A2 Admission Assessment by using an A2 Study Guide.  This can be purchased as a hard copy or an electronic version.  Two recommended study guides are:  “HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review 3rd Edition” through Elsevier or McGraw-Hill’s “Nursing School Entrance Exams.”

Transfer pre-nursing applicants are required to take the TEAS Admission Assessment and submit an electronic score directly from the testing center.  The test must be taken with a designated BSN cohort (not ADN) and the student’s individual must score at or above the national program mean that is noted on the right corner of the results.  Transfer BSN applicants are recommended to prepare for the TEAS Admission Assessment by using the  “ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) by Inc. Assessment Technologies or McGraw-Hill’s “5 TEAS Practice Tests” by Kathy Zahler.

ABSN applicants will undertake an online critical thinking assessment profile, in place of the A2/TEAS.  This is administered whenever conditional acceptance applicants come to campus having requested ahead a scheduled date for testing, or when students complete summer course requirements prior to the fall entry date.

All applicants need to prepare for a math competency assessment.  Those who need to refresh some basic math concepts or have any concerns regarding competencies with fractions, ratios and proportions, use of Roman numerals and/or decimals should plan to review prior to their A2/TEAS or prior to any scheduled interview.


Admission to Louisiana College does NOT constitute admission to the upper division nursing courses. In addition to meeting general college admission requirements, admission to the BSN clinical nursing program (for all course routes) consists of the following:

  1. Students must complete ALL non-nursing prerequisites to be considered for admission to upper Division, unless admitted under prescribed transfer agreement protocols.
  2. Applications for the admission of current LC college pre-nursing students into upper division nursing must be submitted to the chairperson of the Academic Policy Committee in the Division of Nursing by MARCH 25th prior to the Fall of entering upper division nursing, or as specified in the course route agreement.  Non-LC in process students, transfer applicants and accelerated program applicants must apply by the posted due dates through the CAS portal.
  3. Applicants must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.6 and obtained satisfactory score(s) on standardized pre-admission assessment exam(s) to enter upper division.  Transfer student applicants must submit a TEAS score (Test of Essential Academic Skills) that must be at or above the national BSN program mean for that particular offering of the TEAS test.  Internal LC upper division applicants must complete the HESI A2 exam with a score of 80%.  Test completion for all assessments must be within the last calendar year of the date of application.  A copy of the TEAS test results must be submitted electronically from the testing company directly to LC DON.  Internal LC candidates are able to take their HESI A2 examination in the LC DON computer lab under proctored conditions.  Three (3) attempts (maximum) on all pre-admission assessments are permitted.
  4. Successful completion of Nursing 210 must be within 12 calendar months of commencing upper division courses, but does not guarantee admission to upper division nursing.
  5. Students making application to the Division of Nursing must have attained a grade of “C” or better in allsocial and natural sciences, math courses, English 101 and 102, HP 222, and pre-nursing courses.  Applicants with repeats in more than two of any of these courses will not be considered for selection into upper division nursing. Applicants with no repeats of lower level courses will be given preference over students who have repeated courses. Any social and natural science courses must have been completed within five (5) years of the date of application.
  6. Applicants to the Division of Nursing are permitted one (1) nursing course repeat from any institution. Students with more than one failed or repeated nursing course will not be considered for selection into upper division nursing.  Transfer applicants with one failed nursing course must provide a letter of good standing from their current program as part of their application packet.
  7. When applicants for the traditional BSN program exceed the number of openings in the upper division nursing program, selection will be based on cumulative grade point average, and the number of prerequisite hours taken at Louisiana College.
  8. All offers for admission into upper division nursing are conditional until in-process credit transcript and health requirements, Louisiana State Board of Nursing clearances and other health and background checks are given full approval.
  9. After admission to upper division nursing applicants must submit to the Health Services office a completed health history, a satisfactory physical examination report, and documentation of required immunizations, rubella titers, tuberculosis screening and Hepatitis B vaccine.  After completing the Hepatitis B series, titer results must be submitted to the Health Service office.  Randomized drug screenings will be a part of the routine oversight that will be monitored during the clinical portion of the nursing program.  Students not complying with the Health Services office or keeping their record in full compliance will not be permitted to attend clinical experiences.  Liability insurance must be purchased from the business office during registration.  All health documentation must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Health Services office by July 15th (fall semester) or a minimum of two weeks prior to the first class day for other semesters if the student wants to be eligible to commence clinical rotations during the upcoming semester. The cutoff date(s) for all documentation will be posted each semester.
  10. Personal health insurance is a requirement for all students.  Current subscription information and evidence of membership must be provided eachsemester to the Division of Nursing office.  Information will be made available on insurance providers through the Student Nursing Association links, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, or other providers.  Students are permitted to submit documentation of credentialing with the state hospital system for health care provision (i.e., Huey P. Long State Hospital) but must also have a “catastrophic” plan for coverage while attending clinical (usually have a high deductable with a low premium).
  11. Students seeking transfer from another baccalaureate nursing program must meet the same admission criteria as those of the Louisiana College Division of Nursing. Completion of NU 299, Health Care in Louisiana, is a compulsory course for all transfer students entering upper division nursing courses and may also be recommended for other students.
  12. Students who have been dismissed from and/or denied progression in  other nursing programs may not be considered for admission into upper division nursing.  Students who have failed a nursing course in another program will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  13. Division of Nursing students are accorded the opportunity to become credentialed with selected community agency partners (e.g., Red Cross as a volunteer; American Heart for CPR) during designated parts of the nursing program).  Students are expected to achieve the competencies set and comply with agency criteria.  Students entering upper division do need to have an up-to-date American Heart Health Care Provider (BLS) CPR certification that remains current throughout the entire program.
  14. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical agencies.  A valid driving license and a reliable vehicle are strongly recommended for all students when planning for this important facet of clinical learning. Someone else’s vehicle issues, health issues or time keeping cannot become your problem.
  15. Students are required to carefully read and sign that they will remain in active compliance with all of the elements specified in the Division of Nursing Student Policy Manual.  An updated copy of the Student Policy Manual is made available to all DON students every fall semester and to all incoming transfer students.  All matters pertaining to professional dress, hygiene, jewelry, time keeping, confidentiality, tattoos, deportment, schedule management, etc., are addressed in the manual.  If, after reviewing the manual, a potential student feels that compliance would be problematic, then it would be best not to apply.
  16. Students are expected to conform to the“Code of Student Conduct”as stated in the Louisiana College Student Handbook.


Address: 140 College Drive, Pineville, LA 71360 

Phone: (318) 487-7011

Website: www.lacollege.edu


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