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I’m going to tell you a story today…one that I think many people can’t tell, because few put themselves in the position I am in. And it’s called “When Things Are Upside Down.”

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you will know that I have a high level mastermind called Digital Insiders. It’s a group of currently about 75 members, and all of them have 1:1 access to me. On any given week, this is what I will be doing with them…

I spend about 3 hours of my day just on Voxer. I answer anywhere from 50 to over 100 messages a day, ranging from quick tactic questions to long form strategic conversations that include some pretty heavy topics.

I spend 8-10 hours a week reviewing their content. It might be a funnel, ad, copy, idea, offer, etc. but yesterday (the day I do audits), I spent a solid 6 hours reviewing all kinds of material from all different industries.

I spend another 4-6 hours a week doing a variety of other types of coaching. This includes hot seats, open office hours, and formal training.

When you add it all up, I am spending a minimum of 30 hours a week DIRECTLY speaking to my clients, and actively working in their businesses. That doesn’t include content I create for courses for them later, sales calls (I still do myself for DI), as well as answering questions on Facebook.

And if you’re in any of my other programs (Launch Gorgeous or CYLL, etc.) I’m teaching in there too through lives, content, and Facebook.

I have committed my life to teaching because it is my greatest strength and I know I’m meant to do it.

So here we come to the Upside Down part of the story.

The unintended consequence of all this coaching? I have an incredibly unique vantage point from where I’m sitting. I can spot patterns of behavior that others can’t… simply because of the sheer volume of people I’m working with directly.

That means when I say “something is in the water this week” or “things sure feel upside down” – it’s because I’m getting an inordinate amount of people saying the same thing. Having the same problem.

I feel like a human data center quite frankly, and this has given me a unique gift that I’m going to share with you today.

When things feel upside down… and notice I said “when” and not “if”, I want to give you some advice…

I can with 95% accuracy predict the outcome of what’s going to happen to your upside-down messed up the situation based on your response. Again, sitting from where I sit, I have dealt with all kinds of upside-down situations in business… we’re talking…

> Feast and famine revenue issues
> Sickness
> Pregnancy and kids and working full-time
> Trying to transition out of a 9-5 into entrepreneurship
> Stuck with no ideas and no creativity and feeling totally burnt out
> Broken systems and shut down ad accounts
> Lawsuits with customers
> Awkward conversations with team members and colleagues
> Plagiarism and Copyright infringement
> Unhappy customers
> Failed funnels
> Broken marriages
> Full on mental/emotional breakdowns + depression
> Customer service nightmares
> Shut down Stripe accounts + disputes
> Financial woes
> Back taxes owed
> FTC lawsuits

The list goes on and on. Sometimes I get the same thing three or four times in one day. No matter what age, stage, business level, I see it all. I hear it all.

I hear the heartbreak and fatigue in their voices. I hear the tears through their words. I hear the anger and exasperation. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to manage it all because I’m an empathetic person and can get myself “in it” with them.

But… here’s the good news…

There is ALWAYS a sunrise after a dark night. Always.

The question is… will you still be awake to see it?

People who quit, who walk away, who throw in the towel, who wrongly assume that the struggle today is the struggle tomorrow, just haven’t been looking from my vantage point.

Good things are coming even when we can’t see them.

And when a wave of upside-downness in your life and business hits… and by God it will… you cannot forget that there is ALWAYS a sunrise after a dark night. Always.

It’s just a law of nature.

But will you be awake to see it?

By investing my life into coaching, I now have an incredible gift that I can give to you (and to myself). The promise that there is a sunrise after a dark night.

Last week was upside down for me. It’s funny because when it used to happen, you’d instantly know it on social media. I’d ask questions in Facebook groups, rant, rave, etc. because it was so emotionally rocking, I would need help re-aligning myself. And to be fair, I still do that sometimes (hashtag human)….

But here I sit looking back on a week where I’ve had some doozy upside down moments. Even just one of them would have set me back two years ago. But five in a row — all major issues, and here I am… centered and okay.

I’m tired, yes. I’m overwhelmed yes. But there is a sunrise coming and I am going to be awake for it.

You can be awake with me.

Whatever it is, don’t stop fighting. Don’t believe the lie that your dark moment will last forever. It will not.

And when the morning comes, you’ll be able to take that sunrise, that gift, and hold it dearly next to you for the next dark night. And each time, the dark nights will get a little easier. Til one day you can look back and see how much stronger and braver you are.

That is the gift that coaching has given me. Outside of my own personal trials, I’ve walked dark roads with clients… so many now that I can carry that assurance for them and with them and say,

Just stay awake a little bit longer… morning is coming.

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