Thinking of a nurse as a teacher. Would you attend my classes for free?


Every day I wake up as a nurse, I feel like am a nurse who should be teaching part-time. I feel like I have enough knowledge and resources to make a good teacher. But the technology seems to be running faster than I can run especially being a critical care nurse at bedside.

Besides basic nursing degree in Texas Tech University, I have other areas that I am good at, good enough to be an online teacher and instructor. I friend of mine who is travelling in Dallas area from Las Vegas called Michael talked to me the other night and challenged me to be the best of whom I am and not place limits on myself.

Michael is also a critical care nurse who has been making a decent living as an online coach, mentor and life success coach in weight loss. Mike encouraged me to push my talent and educate just a handful of nurses to become successful in what I understand best.

Besides that, my first degree was in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This is another broad area that I have good academic and life experience on. The combination gives me medical, physical and dietary knowledge about subjects like weight loss, loosing body fat in a healthy way.

I created my first online business in 2003 and made y first $10k a month online the following year. This is the same year that I became a registered Nurse in USA and I decided to push it further because I enjoyed it every moment. Since 2003, I developed several products, most of which I never published or pushed far enough to see the results.

After talking to Michael, a nurse who is making a decent living a Nurse Entrepreneur (Nursepreneur) I have decided to first help 100 people to lose weight, gain healthy life or make money online while I still blog about what I love and know best, Nursing.

From here on, I will be keeping writing evidence based scientific backed ways of losing weight especially for nurses. Night shift workers will agree with me that it is harder to shed off extra pounds that ever. I will be touching and hammering this topic regularly on effects of cortisol and weight loss.

See you soon

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