5 Things Your Nurse Want You to Avoid

5 Things Nurses Would Tell You to Avoid to Better Your Health

  1. Avoid putting off seeing a MD because of money. Having annual physical exams, physicals can help address problems and also compare and look at trends in regard to the patients vital signs. Also labs and certain test that need to be ordered can be addressed at physicians visit.
  2. Avoid Too much salt and saturated fats I your diet. Mexican foods taste great but this could be the reason why you are in the hospital, in the first place. Salty foods make your body to retain water, thus increasing your heart work load. Saturated fats causes plaque formation that can lead to heart attack or strokes
  3. Avoid smoking at all cost. Smoking predisposes you to many types of cancers and also causes hardening of arteries. This hardening of arteries makes them to narrow, causing hypertension. Avoid second hand smoking, which is worse than primary smoking. Never smoke in the same room with infants or kids, if you must smoke.
  4. Avoid looking up things up on the internet and basing your treatment based on this information. Not all sites are reputable. If Internet was all that great, there would be no reason for doctors to spend 7 years PLUS in medical school.
  5. AVOID letting the small children visiting and crawl on the hospital floor. Hospitals are some of the dirtiest places on earth riddled with drug resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi. Wash your hands before you eat

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